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About ActionUdaipur

ActionUdaipur is an initiative by the Udaipur District Administration to empower the citizens to turn their ideas into action. We all (citizens) have great ideas to improve our community or city - be it related to health, society, locality, running the government, etc. - but somehow we are not able to execute the ideas due to various reasons such as lack of resources, what channels to adapt to get support from government/administration, volunteers, etc.

ActionUdaipur bridges the gap between an idea and its execution. With ActionUdaipur, any citizen can post his or her idea as a project, invite volunteers, and clearly specify what kind of support is needed from the district administration to execute the project.

ActionUdaipur invites you to Get Involved in any project as a volunteer and contribute as per your will or capacity.

The projects posted on the portal will be first validated and approved by the District Administration. The required administrative support will be provided to the project.

The ultimate goal of ActionUdaipur is to encourage the citizens' contribution towards betterment of the city, transform the city into a clean, green and safe place to live in and also to bring the citizens together in the objective.